words april 22rd

Jared Says:

Life is the cold knife that stabs you.
Life is the one to push you off the edge.
life is the highway that you crash on.
my actions give me relief.

the tears hit the floor
due to my horrid life
life is the bitch that eats you
until you get out by force

i live with the anxiety
how do we get out
of the nightmare
that haunts my wake

what is it that we do
why do we put up with this
until the day we die
or force it upon ourself

this is my haven
away from everyone
but you, the comfort
that saves my life

i love you
you saved me
from myself
before i died

eternal thanks
we will end up
in hell together
where else??

i no longer talk
to anyone
i have left
everything behind

I need a way
to get out
before forced
the way out

fuck, damn
you bitch
i now die
because of you

are you happy
you told me to
leave forever
and i complied

Anyone with any ways to help me deal with my life. shoot me a PM or email. Thanks


4/20 writings

Jared Says:
   Was i supposed to get hi or some s***??? who cares. Life is still tough

you all try
to find who i am
let me be free
from you

i have no time
to play with
petty things
i move on

what is today
the day i life
die or kill

you all drop it
your importance
is gone forever
in the wind

the voices whisper
my name forever
until if fall into
the trap they set

You tell me to
fallow rules
that just restricts
my true self
Hey. joe is my friend and brother in law. He helps with my guitar playing and sometimes gives me tips. And i teach him songs and such
KoRn forever
I lost my wallet today. i am pised
KoRn forever


I will post even more often after i get this all set up.
KoRn forever

Words - april 19th

Jared Says:

This is what i wrote today. Hope you can see that i write this for a reason.

Cant we get this over wiuth
you try to please us
but i still hate
leave me be for once

this make believe system
that i have to fallow
why do i even care
why do you force me along

Cant i go away
from you, and me
to keep the monster inside
so you do not die

can't i keep myself
from exploding
into the panic
that has killed me

why are there
invisible lines
tat devide us
from understanding

when anything happens
you want to know
i keep to myself
and i dont care

Life kills us
we get shot-die
if we did not live
we would not die

my mind is a monster
you do not want to know
who i really am
just stay away

Why am i always
stuck with you
cant i ever
find a new life

why do we set all these rules
that bind me from myself
the chains have taken there hold
on my entire life

F***ed up joke

is this world a f***** up joke
trying to tell me s***
Force me to stay nothing
always restricting my mind
kill myself or be enslaved

will anyone listen
i see things differently
than what you want me to
just get me out of here

each day i seem to lice
through this hellish nightmear
nothing can save me
each cut getting closer to my death


Your ideas

Hello to all. I am asking for ideas. Any idea is cOol with me. Hope I can use it. Just comment to post your ideas.

world of hate

Why cant we live without the abuse
without all the hating and the shooting
from everyone we live in the back
lets all get busy and get living
living through this life is tough and hard
lets all just pick put the big wild card


New banmember

I've got something different for you all. Me and my band just got a singer. And I now have a marshall amp. Goodnight all